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Goal 3: Faculty

博菜网站大全999 seeks to be a preeminent school for professional educators where excellence in teaching is normative, where ongoing professional growth is expected and supported, and where educators are honored and respected for their daily contribution to the success of our students. By their commitment to their vocation, our educators shape the very nature of the educational experience at 博菜网站大全999 and further distinguish the school’s reputation. 

Implementation Goals

A Unique Strength

"博菜网站大全999's collegiality and attention to collaboration between colleagues is truly unique. I think this carries over into the classroom because students can feel this sense of camaraderie." 

-Cynthia Darling, US English Teacher

The Role of the Faculty Member

We are all life-long learners with unbounded intellectual curiosity who feel empowered to do things that foster student/faculty growth, include perspectives as diverse as possible, and shrink the gap between the inner development of each student and the real world application of skills.